Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new Critical Ethnic Studies Association website.

For existing users, we have moved your account from the old website to the new website. They contain your old orders. Please do NOT create a new account. You can log in using your old Username or Email address. NOTE: ALL EXISTING USERS MUST RESET YOUR PASSWORD. Please go here, enter your Email you have on your CESA account and the system will send you an email with steps to add new password. Then you can log in to the website.  

For new users, please create a new account by going here. Fill out the information and follow instructions to activate your account.

You can log into your account from the website by going to the upper right corner and use the orange Sign-up/Log-in button. You can also reset your password using this button and use the “Reset Password” tab.

Feel free to contact us if you experience any issues. Please read the FAQ page first. We will be updating this page in the future.


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