Announcing Plenary Speakers

Excitement for #CESA2018UBC is building!

The list of confirmed speakers for the plenary sessions includes the following, with more to follow:

  • Maile Arvin (University of Utah)
  • Glen Coulthard (UBC)
  • Avery Gordon (UCSB)
  • Jack Halberstam (Columbia)
  • Saidiya Hartman (Columbia)
  • Annette Henry (UBC)
  • Larissa Lai (University of Calgary)
  • John Marquez (Northwestern)
  • Cecily Nicholson (Vancouver)
  • Love Intersections (Vancouver)
  • Dory Nason (UBC)
  • Sherene Razack (UCLA)
  • Dylan Rodriguez (UCR)
  • Jared Sexton (UCI)
  • Harsha Walia (Activist, Vancouver)
  • Tiffany Willoughby-Herard (UCI)

CESA 2018 will signal the urgency of imagining new and impossible ways of being together, creating unfeasible knowledge(s) collectively, uplifting difficult community practices, poetic intervention, (un)expected insurrections and critical thought and dialogue and the broader enduring issue of settler-colonial violence on Turtle Island.

With this in mind we encourage academics, researchers, activists, community organizations, students, artists and writers who are working in collaborative research, with community testimonials or experiential knowledge to share their work.

It’s not too late to submit a proposal for a paper/performance/panel/roundtable/workshop/arts engagement workshop/activist report-back/soundbite/world cafe. Submit here by Monday, Dec. 4th at 11:59pm PST


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